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report. the waves pounding hard-hit atlantic city, new jersey tonight. plenty of dramatic pictures. >> first we'll start with meteorologist todd gross to get the latest on the storm. >> specifically the storm is basically coming to its heights but not in terms of the water. i'll explain y.can you see some of the winds right now including right here over islip, long island. 59-mile-per-hour gust. now 78 miles per hour. and that's the strongest that we've seen so far. however, take a look at the storm surge that we're expecting just a couple of hours from now when it's high tide. you know, this is full moon coming up tonight which aggravates this a little bit, enough so that this is likely to happen. four to eight-foot storm surge around the south shore of long island, down to the east shore of new jersey. then we have the water funneling in along the long island sound, and that's going to be a big problem with a storm surge of 6 to 11 feet. what does that mean? that means that the actual water level could come up ten feet above normal to begin with, and on top of that you have addit
in it's wake. >> the death toll in the us has climbed to at least 4018 in new york city alone. 8 million customers and counting in the mid atlantic region without power tonight. two feet of snow in parts of maryland and west virginia. the stock markets will be open for business tomorrow after being closed for the past two days. president obama will be looking at the devastation with dpgoverr chris christy in new jersey. let's get to todd gross tonight who is tracking the storm over the new york east. >> reporter: you may not believe this. sandy won't quit. if you look right here, there is a new belt of showers and thunderstorms that have formed. gusty storms that are affecting that wart of the country. even the north eastern united states on the coast line is in part of the storm. right in through chicago coming in through the great lakes that is where the winds are funneling in from the north. same winds edge of the storm that moved in on the coast line. that is number two. and three of course, we have a lot of air play in through here. let's zero in on west virginia. it is not only sno
focused on city. did anyone mention john on and johnson. i liked it. see you tomorrow. hey larry, big night what are you looking for? >> 50% and stocks had a triple digit gain. all is right with the world. good evening everyone. this is the dud lkudlow report. looking at a live picture. it will be the main focus of the debate. maybe we'll get answers from obama. maybe he will tell us why he threw hillary clinton and the intelligence group under the bus. will he man up and take responsibility for this? also this evening. city corp. ceo resigns and they all beat. larry, this is the second day we close high on the day. this rally had nothing to do with citigroup. i'll tell you what is behind it in a few moments. round two kicks off. we are two hours away. the second obama debate comes in the race and also very close to barack obama in the key swing states. this is the town hall format. it has proved tricky in the past. of course the topics are going to range from domestic policy and you can expect talk about the attack in libya that has broiled the raise ice in recent. >> why is the whit
the killer storm called sandy hit the northeast. u.s. death toll is now at least 64. a second new york city hospital, bellevue, has been evacuated because of power and flooding issues. >> lower manhattan still a crippled zone. the markets were able to open today, but there's still flooding damage down there and also very dark streets. >> so in the metropolitan area, the recovery is a struggle. the availability of electricity to run the traffic lights, pump the gasoline, is now prime need. 6.1 million utility customers are still without power. individuals and businesses alike. >> public transportation slowly coming back online. some subway services in the city, some commuter lines in new jersey, westchester, and long island will run tomorrow. >> commuters coming into the city by car must have three people in each car after 6:00 a.m. >> and the airports are opening, but it's difficult to get there. delta, a key operator in the northeast hopes to start flights from laguardia tomorrow. >> the rebuilding does begin, but problems persist. let's get right to our team coverage, starting with scott
bangers who are doing it. the individuals, the windy city has had 409 homicide this year, that's up 46% from the same time four years ago. compare that to new york city's homicide rate. what's chicago's problem? and what's its supposed solution? they're talking about taxing guns? here's a republican strategist lenny mcallister. first of all the tax on bullets and handguns will do nothing to stop the murders among the gang bangers? am i just dreaming this up? >> this is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard of. it's another example of an ivory tower highbrow solution. this is a lot of time what you see from people that are often removed, oftentimes the very far left, progressive. the high tower legislator that -- it's not surprising, too. >> first of all, to the ammo and the guns are being bought illegally on the streets anyway. >> exactly. >> law abiding shopkeepers selling this stuff had nothing to do with it. let get that straight. >> i want to ask you, because you used to live in chicago. it's people who use gun that are killing each other. is this about drugs? are the
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to the blue cities? guess where it's happening? the battleground state of ohio. >>> but first up, vice president joe biden and paul ryan are cramming for their debate. you can watch coverage of the debate beginning tomorrow here on "the kudlow report." now, past debates have been must-see tv. this one is likely to be no different. cnbc's own john harwood joins us live from lexington, kentucky, with all the details. good evening, john. >> reporter: good evening, larry. you know, if presidential debates themselves usually don't matter much, and they don't, vice presidential debates almost never do, even though they're fun. but the stakes are higher for this debate tomorrow between paul ryan and vice president joe biden. ryan, of course, is a policy wonk. biden has the experience. but it's not going to be as friendly as this encounter four years ago between biden and sarah palin. >> no cheers, applaud, no untoward outbursts except right at this minute now as we welcome governor palin and senator biden. >> reporter: the reason this is going to be a different encounter is because of all the
city area and all of the northeast. let's take a look at this graphic here. there's the hurricane moving north through the bahamas. it bends offshore but over the weekend, it's affecting the carolinas with pretty good winds right along the coast. and then early next week, it bends in to the northeast. we have never had a storm come out of the topics and bend in like that. so the thinking is that somewhere from props the delaware bay area, south jersey area north, this is going to drive water all along the beaches. and this has the potential to cause tremendous damage along the coastline and the whole scenario we had with irene in new york city and the transportation problems and the power potential problems and all of that could be played out in this storm. it is not certain yet that it will be as strong as the computers are indicating. but right now, they are indicating an extremely strong storm with winds extending all the way to new england, coming ashore either on monday late in the day or early on tuesday. a lot more to talk about here on this. >> thanks so much, bryan. we'll
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11th city and we're on a tour and i'm going to be doing a debate listening party at arizona state university tonight. this will be the 11th university i've been to, i've had 11 lunches with business owners. let me tell you what the people understand that i believe governor romney is going to drive home. spending is destroying this nation and i think if he stays on that message, he's going to do just fine. >> but, herman, doesn't he shav to say something about it? i have jim boykin here, smart guy, he's already challenging holtz-eakin on that. how much? where? defense? nondefense? safety net? where's it going to come from? >> i can't tell you where it's going to come from but i do believe it's going to be specific. i do know that the american people, regardless of the specifics on spending, i agree with the earlier comment that he's got to be specific on how he's going to create jobs. but relative to spending, the people sitting at their kitchen table, talking kitchen table economics know we cannot continue the spending, the run away spending like we've done in the last four years,
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the water supply in major cities or shut down the power grid across large parts of the country. >> all right. tough stuff. thank you for coming back. i have no doubt that mr. panetta is right on the park. i want to ask you about the iranian situation and if i'm not mistaken, russia. which is the worst? >> it depends on what the threat is, larry, what the chinese and the russians to a lesser degree are doing to stealing intellectual property and terabytes of data, and the nation's economic future and the government has said that a year ago in the report and what the iranians are doing right now are two things and they're attacking critical infrastructure in the middle east and oil and gas, and the service attacks against u.s. financial industries and wall street and a more complex way than they've done in the past, and the state-sponsored group to mask some of it, but there's no doubt the complexity of it points to a nation state and it's most likely iran. >> gas pipelines, water contamination, is there evidence yet that they've been cyber hacked? >>s why, there is evidence and here's what se
, a black guy who develops real estate in the inner city of boston. he said i won't be taxed in the new obama tax rate in the mid-3s. that hurts me because i pay the individual rate as a corporation, and then on top of that, and then i didn't even know that, there's going to be a 3.8% tax on refer real estate transaction. >> and every investment. >> who the hell is is going to pay for this? >> you're a banker and an investment guy. if you sell your house, you're going to have to pay the 3.8% surtax on top of the payroll tax. that's really not a good thing. it should be wiped out. >> and, again, these are things that kill growth. >> could i get you to come over on this side? >> we absolutely need tax reform overhaul. we could pick each one, whether it's loopholes. >> again, governor romney has laid out a plan. he's going to make our tax system like the system in the rest of the world which will allow billions of dollars that are being held overseas to be repatriated in america to create jobs. president obama is flimflamming on this issue for four years. >> no disrespect. we tried the rep
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13